Why should I invest in Smart Home Tech?

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Let’s be honest, smart homes are an investment.

You can fritter away a lot of money adding wireless gadgets to every room but a truly smart home is a ‘whole house’ system. At its most basic that includes smart lighting, a reliable security system, and the cabling backbone that powers everything to life.

So, is it worth it?

Absolutely! Once you’ve experienced invisible automation anything less feels like a life downgrade. Turn on the light? Manually? You’ve got to be joking.

Laziness aside, there are lots of legitimate reasons to invest in a smart home. Here are some of the best.

1.    Increased energy efficiency

Living in a smart home could mean cheaper energy bills. Who wouldn’t want that?

At the touch of a button control lights, thermostats, and energy-hungry appliances. It’s a nuisance when that one family member always forgets to turn off the light or leaves the fan on. Smart technology means you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity ever again.

We’re fans of the Control4 system. They’re leaders in making gadgets for greener, smarter homes and make reducing your carbon footprint simple.

Control thermostats, lights, and appliances remotely via one easy interface on your phone to improve energy efficiency and comfort levels. It’ll save you money and more importantly, the planet.

Besides, cheaper bills means extra cash to splash on the things you enjoy. More gadgets, anyone?

2.   Convenience factor

Life gets to be easy.

At the press of a fingertip you can control your smart devices from anywhere. Whether you’re at work or on holiday you always have fast, easy access to the gadgets you use most via one central, easy-to-use interface.

Integrating devices keeps life smooth and streamlined – simply nipping to the loo at night becomes hassle-free when the hall lights come on automatically.

The thing is, none of it needs to be gimmicky or earth-shattering. Once your automations start falling into place you’ll get more enjoyment from your home. And as you refine your set-up you’ll notice how life gets easier and easier.

(Of course, if you’re out to impress smart tech let’s you get as flashy as you want).

3.   Smarter security

Safety and security = top priorities for most homeowners.

Deter thieves effortlessly with smart door and window locks, video doorbells, security cameras, and gate entry systems. Keep an eye on your home yourself or pay professionals to do it for you – either way you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Protected homes are less likely to be burgled. However, should the worst occur you’ll have video evidence of the thief in action which you can pass onto the police.

Another bonus? Homes with smart security systems get cheaper insurance.

4.   Invisible automation

Ok, let’s talk automation.

Did you know that you can programme smart devices based on your schedule?

No more hugging the radiator for warmth – make mornings easier by scheduling the heating to come on before you’ve even rolled out of bed.

Once you’ve lived with automatic features (like lights switching off when you leave a room) you realise how much it improves your life. The best features of a smart home are invisible, simplifying life to the point where your daily routine feels seamless.

The downside is that visiting a house without smart tech feels like a return to the Dark Ages. You start to feel daft fumbling around to turn off every floor lamp by hand.

5.   Improved Sleep

Ah, the elusive good night’s sleep!

Not so tricky to come by in a smart home. If this sounds like a reach it’s backed by science.

Studies show that good sleep hygiene is paramount to getting enough beauty sleep. Factors that help you nod off include lighting, room temperature, and personal comfort. Getting enough rest improves our mood and helps us be more productive. While it isn’t so easy to switch our minds off, smart automations can help create a relaxed environment where you can drift off.

Smart blinds can create the perfect conditions for deep sleep by acting as black-out blinds. Time your blinds to slowly open with the dawn. Slowly allowing natural daylight into the room mimics your circadian rhythm, signaling to the brain that it’s time to get up.

Much better than disturbing your partner with the screech of multiple missed alarms.

6.   Health and wellbeing

In addition to improved sleep, smart tech can improve health and wellbeing overall.

Air quality is a huge improvement our clients often forget about when it comes to smart automations. Particularly in winter, dry or cold air can trigger asthma attacks. Humidifiers and air purifiers also help balance the atmosphere in each room to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.

Meanwhile, smoke detectors and CO2 sensors can give you peace of mind. If you live with elderly or disabled family members, sensors and smart speakers can help them get around the house easier without your supervision.

Essentially, your smart home takes care of all the little niggles that keep you awake at 2am.

7.   Smart homes are forever homes

We’re not getting any younger!

Whether you care for an elderly relative or are looking towards the future yourself, smart technology can help people stay in their homes for longer.

When we’re young it’s easy to take basic tasks like bending down and unplugging a floor lamp for granted. However, as we age even simple tasks become challenging. If you’ve found your ‘forever home’, smart technology can ensure your comfort and security for years to come.

Security cameras, video doorbells, remote controlled gate entry, and voice-activated entertainment systems can help people feel more independent and reduce stress on carers.

The best part? Everything can be controlled at the press of a button without having to leave the sofa.

Smart Home next steps

Have we convinced you that smart tech is a wise investment for the future?

Read more of our articles to dive deeper into all things smart living. On our YouTube channel Smart Living founder John Ross shares his ‘knowledge nuggets’ and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our latest projects.

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