What Is A Smart Home?

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We’re out of a job if we can’t answer this one.

Put simply – living in a smart home makes life easier. Most devices today have some kind of “smart” capability from the phone in your hand to the kitchen kettle.

But a truly smart home uses technology to make every facet of daily life more convenient and comfortable. Think automated lighting, home security, entertainment, and temperature control.

Not to mention lightning-fast connectivity.

Key characteristics of a smart home

What do you picture when we say ‘smart home’?

  • Windows that light up automatically as you pull in the drive
  • A seamless gate entry system
  • Your favourite song playing as you walk in the door
  • Opening the curtains without having to get out of bed
  • A home assistant that reminds you it’s bin day

It looks effortless. Done right, it should feel effortless, too.

But buying all the devices, then making them talk to one another? That can feel like paying for the privilege of being Chief Herder at the cat parade.

More hassle than it’s worth!

Smart homes are streamlined

It isn’t about adding random gadgets here and there. After all, you can easily set up a Ring camera or two yourself.

Smart technology is about making your whole home – and your life – smarter.

And by smarter we mean easier.

Instead of overloading your phone with multiple apps, control everything from one central interface that allows you access to your home’s smart features from:

  • A wall-mounted control panel
  • Your remote control
  • Your smart phone
  • A smart home hub like Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Or even voice command

All without signing in and out of multiple apps.

A smart home functions at the touch of a fingertip.

Anything electric, from kitchen appliances and lights, locks and security cameras, your home cinema and music are  controlled remotely and seamlessly.

Advantages of a Smart Home

In case the advantages of a smart home aren’t obvious, here are a few examples of how living smart makes life easier.

Remote monitoring

Forgot to turn off the lights before leaving home? Switch them off remotely at the press of a button. Holiday time is typically when the sun likes to come out at home – turn on the sprinklers from afar to water the garden or remotely unlock the front door to let a neighbour water the houseplants.

Adjust your home to your habits

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee and the blinds letting in the dawn. Come home to cosy, ambient lighting and your favourite song playing. Automatically lower the temperature for a better night’s sleep and turn off your reading lamp by voice command.

Smart homes can be adjusted to your routine, making life more comfortable and convenient.

Energy efficient

Smart homes are greener. Automating lights and appliances uses less electricity, which boosts your home’s efficiency. You could also see a reduction in energy bills!

Improved security

Smart homes provide security 24/7.

Remote monitoring means that you can check your security cameras anytime, from anywhere. Smart security integrates seamlessly with the other tech in your home so you can check on pets, relatives, or simply see who is at the door.

How is it done?

In a word: cables. The unsung heroes of every smart home.

Nothing works without cables.

Many people test the waters by slowly adding wireless smart devices to their home. A smart speaker here, a video doorbell there.

But this quickly clutters your home, and becomes a headache when multiple devices don’t speak to one another.

We always recommend starting with a wired network that devices connect to. Why? Because Wi-Fi is subject to interference. Wiring devices takes the strain off your Wi-Fi and offers a robust connection.

Ideally, you only want to connect wirelessly to your smartphone and laptop. This means you get a fast, uninterrupted wireless connection where you need it most.

There’s nothing worse than the Wi-Fi dropping off when you need to upload a work project – or when watching a critical football match. Wired connections means you can work and play without interruption.

Any smart home worth its salt will have a solid cabling infrastructure. A clever network of cables connects your devices to a central point, allowing gaming devices, TVs, and heating or security controls a direct and stable connection to the Internet.

Cables play a crucial role in how well (or how poorly) your smart home functions. The goal is a home that makes life simple and easy. Taking time to lay an integrated network of cables is essential to ensure speakers, cameras, computers, lighting, your home cinema, and other appliances run smoothly.

This is about future-proofing your home. You might not have the budget for the device that goes on the end of the cable right now, but one day you will. Without the cable you can’t do anything.

Cables are (generally speaking) the cheapest part of a smart home system. Install the cable today and later on, when you’re ready to add more devices, it’ll be easy to connect them.

Remember – it’s the cable you didn’t fit that’s the most expensive.

But I want my smart home to look tidy

Sceptical after us banging on about cables? Take a look at Taigh Gleusta – our Smart Holiday Home in Angus, Scotland.

Taigh Gleusta is a state-of-the-art home nestled against the beautiful backdrop of rolling green hills. Comfort is at your fingertips with a home cinema room, hottub, and other smart features woven seamlessly into the home. It’s a great way to experience a smarter, simpler, more comfortable way of living.

And not a cable in sight.

You can even book a stay if you fancy road-testing the smart home lifestyle.

When it comes to your home, our installers bring the same standard of professionalism. All cables are meticulously tested, organised and neatly concealed with WAPs discreetly mounted on the wall or ceiling to ensure a speedy, reliable connection throughout your home.

A life made better with technology

Hopefully we’ve shed light on what a smart home is.

Technology should make our lives easier, not harder. For seamless automations that include lighting, security, home comforts and entertainment, cabling will be the foundation that simplifies everything.

Without these unassuming wires none of the smart features we love would function.

Smart technology can help you get more comfort and enjoyment out of your home. Installed right, you’ll have the ability to keep up with new tech and enjoy a luxuriant, automated lifestyle for decades to come.

If you’d like to learn more about Smart Living you can browse our in-depth articles to get you started. Or watch John and the guys in action on our latest smart home project.

Got questions? Give us a bell on 01738 566 566.

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