What are the benefits of a home cinema room?

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Film buffs rejoice — today we’re talking home cinema rooms.

If you’re a massive film or TV fan you’ve probably considered a home cinema at some point. Picture the scene: a dedicated room where you can remotely dim the lights, sink into supremely comfortable seats, and get immersed in your favourite films thanks to a giant, gloriously high-definition screen and rich surround sound.

All without leaving the house.

There’s no doubt that home cinema rooms are a luxury and an investment. However, immersive home entertainment isn’t just for Hollywood’s rich and famous.

If you’re on the fence (or your partner has put their foot down) our Smart Living experts John and Gavin are here to persuade you about the benefits of having a home cinema room in your property.

The awesome sound

Our founder John didn’t have to think about his favourite home cinema feature — “Got to be the awesome sound,” he said.

If done properly, surround sound elevates the experience of watching movies to epic proportions. (There’s also a real possibility that you’ll never pay for a concert ticket again after streaming a gig from your cinema room).

A question our clients often ask is, “How many speakers do I need?”

We recommend a minimum of 5.1 Dolby Atmos speakers. That looks like speakers at the front left, centre, and right, a rear speaker at either side, and a subwoofer. From there, you can gradually build on that basic set-up for a captivating sound that delivers crisp dialogue and the perfect bassy rumble.

Fortunately, we have an entire blog dedicated to getting the best sound quality from your home cinema room.

You can also watch John’s insightful explanation here.

A room for the whole family

For Gavin, connection is at the heart of a home cinema. “From my perspective I think they’re quite sociable things,” he said.

A home cinema room is an entertainment hub where the whole family can gather. Nowadays technology makes it frighteningly easy for kids to stay in their room all evening. A home cinema room is a great way to spend quality time as a family. Plus, smart connectivity means teenagers can join the rest of the family without sacrificing their social media scroll.

“If you have kids,” Gavin adds, “It’s also a safe experience for them when you know where they are on a Saturday!”

Aside from keeping tabs on the kids, a cinema room is the perfect place for grown-up gatherings. Some of the home cinemas we install have purpose-built bars so you can enjoy your favourite glass of wine with a movie or grab a beer and relax while watching the game (depending on the score).

The multi-purpose nature of home cinema rooms elevates them from a ‘nice to have’ luxury to an essential hub for the entire home.

picture of an at home cinema room

Excellent return on investment

It might seem like an extreme way to save yourself a few quid on cinema tickets and extortionate snacks, but if you’re a die hard movie-goer you’ll know how pricey your film habit can get.

Depending on the size of your property and what other smart features you’re looking to install, a home cinema could be a smart investment.

Taigh Gleusta, our fully-functioning smart home in rural Scotland, lets clients see how technology can improve their lives. It comes with perks like smart heating, automated lights, and an array of appliances designed to make life easier.

But it seems even a smart hot tub can’t compete with the lure of the cinema room.

“The most popular part of the holiday home,” says John, “is the cinema.”

Investing in a home cinema means you get to enjoy the big-screen experience from the comfort of home. You won’t need to factor in mileage costs or whether to scrimp on popcorn.

Plus, there’s no danger of boisterous teenagers kicking the back of your chair.

A truly immersive experience

For John and Gavin, nothing beats Bond on the big screen.

“It’s not like watching it on the TV, it’s so much better — you’re right in it,” says John.

Whether it’s Bond’s Aston Martin racing at top speed or the latest Disney, an immersive film is a powerful experience, taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions and stirring up childhood nostalgia.

If you’re dubious about whether a projector can replicate the big-screen at home, take it from us — home cinemas have the wow factor. To be fair, an 8-foot screen is hard to ignore.

With a properly cabled-in sound system, optimised picture, and elevated seating every night is film night. This becomes an attractive option if you’re less than enthused about the cinema’s latest offerings and always grumbling, “They don’t make them like they used to.”

From binge-watching every Bond film to Harry Potter marathons with the kids on Christmas Eve, a home cinema elevates everyday entertainment.

Neighbour envy

Finally, where is the harm in a bit of friendly competition?

There’s an undeniable smug factor to putting a covetable home cinema in your home that everyone else wants.

Not only will your friends get a thrill from the cinema-worthy picture and spine-tingling sound, but other smart features like automated lighting and blinds are bound to impress.

When you’re the one with the home cinema, why watch sports anywhere else? Just be prepared to always host when you have the biggest screen on the street.

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