Taigh Gleusta: Our Luxury Smart Holiday Home In Scotland

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a picture of a hot tub at Taigh Gleusta Smart Home on a summery day

Yes, you read that right.

A luxury holiday home in the stunning Scottish countryside — with all the smart tech features you could wish for.

If you’re thinking about investing in a smart home why not tie in a test run with a holiday? A stay in gorgeous Taigh Gleusta gives you all you need to unwind with the added convenience of cutting-edge smart technology.

Picture luxuriating in a garden hot tub, drinking in the rolling hills and peaceful surroundings without sacrificing connectivity. Sounds like a dream holiday to us!

Let us show you why booking our luxury holiday home in Scotland is a smart idea.

a picture of a double bed in a bedroom at Taigh Gleusta Smart Home with the lights on in a neutral colour scheme

Reasons to stay at Taigh Gleusta

If you’ve never stayed in a smart home before you’re in for a treat. Activate easy mode and kick the luxury levels of your holiday up a notch with life-enhancing technology.

Here are some of the exclusive perks you can expect at Taigh Gleusta.

Enviable levels of comfort

It’s hard to relax if you don’t feel comfortable. From the off you’ll feel at home in Taigh Gleusta with the ability to remotely control temperature settings. If you choose a winter break we can guarantee a toasty temperature inside thanks to our intelligent heating system. In summer, AI algorithms cleverly detect the seasonal shift and adjust temperature accordingly.

The ‘too hot, too cold’ conundrum — solved.

One remote to rule them all

Experience what it’s like to control every facet of your home at the press of a button.

With one remote all of Taigh Gleusta is at your fingertips. From playing your favourite song to watching James Bond in glorious 4K and surround sound.

Best of all? Switch off the big light without leaving the couch.

Light up your life

Smart lighting — a game changer for most people. With smart lighting you never have to flip a switch again. Set different moods for different rooms and times of day so you can wake up gently or snuggle down for a good night’s sleep.

Not a morning person? Taigh Gleusta’s bedrooms are fitted with smart blinds so you only see the sunlight when you’re ready. Program the blinds to gently open at a time that suits for a relaxing start to the day. You are on holiday, after all.

a picture of a dining room table set for 8 people with three lights on and open curtains over a large window to show the smart lighting and smart comfort technology

Stick to healthy habits

If routine is your thing, our smart home makes it easy to keep up with your habits while on holiday. Taigh Gleusta’s gym is equipped with a treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer, exercise bike, and loose weights which means you don’t need to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle while on holiday.

Did we mention our personal chef? Let them whip up nutritious, satisfying meals to help you maintain your progress.

a picture of the gym equipment including treadmill, rowing machine, bicycle machine and cross trainer

Eat like royalty

Who wants to cook while on holiday? For an extra fee our personal chef will prepare delicious meals for you. When we say this is the perfect stay, we mean it! In Scotland we’re blessed with our natural larder, from Highland beef and organic veg to craft beer and the finest whisky.

However, the culinary inclined might enjoy using our kitchen. Its generous space is a chef’s dream and we encourage guests to try the gadgets and gizmos that make life easier. Once you discover how easy chores can be with smart technology it’ll be hard to go back to normal life without them.

a picture of the gin bothy gins, whitley neil gins and a selection of other alcoholic beverages

Work hard, play hard

Taigh Gleusta is the perfect holiday home for families but it’s also a great place to entertain clients.

Connectivity is essential for our corporate clients. Superfast broadband and reliable Wi-Fi throughout the property means you and your team can crack on with projects. Use the home cinema’s conference call capability to check in with remote team members and come clocking-off time use the cinema to relax and unwind after a job well done.

An eco-friendly holiday home

Do you worry about your carbon footprint when travelling? Emissions are offset in our eco-friendly holiday home.

Thanks to smart technology it’s possible to only use the hot water you need. Being able to remotely control the hot water supply means you use less energy overall. Furthermore, smart lights that only come on when you enter a room and automatically switch off when you leave use less energy and are kinder to the environment.

If you’re interested in how smart homes can help you go green, read our blog here.

a  picture of a bath looking out through a window at Taigh Gleusta

Stay safe and secure on holiday

It’s often the case that you head out to explore the local area and restaurants while on holiday. But what about your precious belongings left at the holiday home? Luckily, smart security has you covered.

Taigh Gleusta is equipped with smart surveillance, from CCTV to door and window locks. We also provide remote monitoring so you can enjoy your holiday without worrying about security. We hope it never happens, but in the event of a burglary our high-definition cameras will catch criminals in the act.

Extra guests arriving? Welcome them to Taigh Gleusta through the entry system’s intercom or screen any gatecrashers!

Keyless entry for a smoother check-in

Everyone knows the dangers of leaving a key outside for guests. But even lock boxes with codes can be broken into. Not to mention fiddly when you’re carrying all your luggage to the door.

Our keyless entry system means you can come and go from Taigh Gleusta with ease. No forgetting keys or faffing with the lock late at night. Plus, there isn’t any danger of being locked out.

Remotely close doors and windows

Heading out for the day but forgot to close a window? Remotely lock doors and windows via your smartphone.

It’s a handy feature if you’ve invited the whole family to stay with you. Taigh Gleusta is a big property so we’ve made life easier with the ability to close doors and windows at the press of a button. It’ll save you time checking each and every room.

Easy departures

We’re pretty sure you’ll find it hard to leave Taigh Gleusta — only because it’s so luxuriant and comfortable.

In terms of leaving the house as you found it, smart technology turns a chore into a joy. Simply press a button to switch off every light, close every window, draw the blinds, and turn the heating off.

Little time-saving features like these are what smart living is all about. Technology should make people’s lives easier, not harder, and we hope Taigh Gleusta’s smart features show you that a better life if possible.

a picture of the bedroom including a large double bed, large windows, privacy glass and gorgeous views

Keep heat in, and the cold out

Scotland isn’t known for its sunshine. However, we do get blindingly sunny days in the summer. With its sweeping 360° views of the Angus countryside you might want to close the blinds to cool down and protect yourself from harmful UV rays (we promise, they do exist in Scotland). It’s a task made easy with automated smart blinds.

If you’re staying with us in winter the ability to remotely close blinds keeps heat inside without you needing to move from the sofa.

It’s not a holiday without a hot tub

Can anything beat the relaxing bubbles of a hot tub? After a hectic time at work or busy day of activities the swirling water soothes away stress and muscle aches. Whether you’ve booked a romantic break or fun time with the family, a hot tub is the perfect way to unwind.

Our luxury hot tub seats up to 7 lucky holidaymakers. Mood lighting means you can continue the party outside while gazing at the unspoilt beauty of the stars.

a picture of a hot tub at Taigh Gleusta Smart Home on a summery day

A music lovers retreat

Imagine your favourite band accompanying you as you rise, take a shower, and head to the kitchen for breakfast. Or how about a different playlist for different rooms? With smart speakers offering immersive sound and Spotify at your fingertips, you can turn Taigh Gleusta into an immersive audio experience.

Music has a huge impact on our mood. Whether you’re an R&B aficionado or Proclaimers mega-fan you can put our sound system through its paces. Plus, there’s nothing like a dance party in the living room or kitchen to get into the holiday spirit.

a picture of the control4 music system playing Billie Eilish

A virtual holiday planner

A holiday should be relaxing. But sometimes knowing how to spend your free time becomes a chore in itself. Use our virtual home assistant to help you plan a holiday itinerary. Ask for recommendations on things to see, places to eat, and local hidden gems. It’s never been easier to find activities the whole family will enjoy.

Home cinema

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to stay in and put your feet up. With a home cinema room that boasts an 8 foot screen, Dolby Atmos sound, and automatic blackout blinds we see no reason to brave the outdoors.

The Scottish weather is infamously changeable. Instead of railing at the rain for spoiling your plans, curl up in our luxuriant home cinema and enjoy your favourite film. It’s just like being at the pictures again (without teenagers kicking the back of your seat).

Instant access to major streaming services like Netflix and Amazon means you’ll never be stuck for entertainment.

a picture of the home cinema room at Taigh Gleusta

The perfect morning routine

Imagine waking to the smell of your favourite coffee. Rising to gentle lighting. Taking a shower to your favourite song…perfection is possible in a smart home.

If you’ve always dreamed of the perfect morning routine, Taigh Gleusta is the place to experience a calm and joyful start to the day. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

Things to do in Angus

Frankly, we’re not sure why you’d need to leave Taigh Gleusta. But if you’ve got an itch to explore there is a wealth of things to see and do in and around Angus.

Here are some of our favourites.

Glamis Castle

Nestled in the quaint village of Glamis, historic Glamis Castle is an unmissable attraction. Take a stroll around the beautiful gardens and grounds or tour inside to learn about the illustrious figures that walked Glamis’ halls, from Mary Queen of Scots to James V. How on earth did they live without smart tech?

Angus Coastal Route

Take in the sights and sea air of Scotland’s east coast. Meandering through charming coastal villages and towns, the Angus Coastal Route links the cities of Dundee and Aberdeen. Keep a weather eye out for dolphins in the North Sea or travel further up the coast to witness the breathtaking ruin of Dunnottar Castle.

Eat an Arbroath Smokie

Remember the fresh, local produce we mentioned earlier? No trip to Angus would be complete with sampling a local legend — the Arbroath Smokie. This local delicacy involves smoking haddock over hardwood chips. Succulent and smoky (like its name), this Arbroath institution has received worldwide recognition and gained protection under EU law.

Yes, there are some things you can’t rustle up in a smart air fryer!

V&A Museum Dundee

We’re only 23 minutes from the city of Dundee. That leaves plenty of time to check out the newly built V&A Museum. The museum’s architect, Kengo Kumo, was inspired by the city’s maritime past and close links with the Tay. It’s a building that divides local opinion, so why not see it for yourself? You can also visit the RRS Discovery next door to see the famous ship that took Scott and Shackleton to Antarctica.

Climb a munro

Fancy a stretch of the legs? The scenic Angus glens are blessed with fantastic hillwalking routes. Test your stamina and take in the fresh air on one of Angus’ magnificent munros in Glen Doll or Glen Esk. If you prefer a more sedate pace, Corrie Fee is an awesome glacial corrie located at the head of Glen Clova.

Soothe sore feet afterwards with a jacuzzi bath back at Taigh Gleusta.

Visit a horse sanctuary

A great day out for those with kids. Redwings Horse Sanctuary is a haven for horses, ponies, and donkeys. Meet the animals who have the roam of 220 beautiful acres of paddock and woodland then grab a bite to eat at the cafe. What’s not to love about adorable donkeys Minnie and Mouse?

Clay pigeon shooting

Maybe you watched Bond on the big screen at Taigh Gleusta and are in an adventurous mood? Luckily, Auchterhouse Country Sports is on our doorstep. Home to one of Scotland’s premier shooting grounds, Auchterhouse also caters to beginners.

Smart tech at your fingertips and a sharp shooter? You’ll be the next 007 in no time!

Stay at Taigh Gleusta

Sounds too good to be true? Why not book a stay and experience Taigh Gleusta’s charm for yourself.

Whether you stay for 3 nights or two weeks, we can’t wait to welcome you to our smart home.

Want to learn more about making life easier with technology?

Our blog is full of ideas on how smart technology can make your life easier. If you really want to fall down the rabbit hole of smart home automation subscribe to our YouTube channel. That way you won’t miss a thing.

a picture of the open plan kitchen at Taigh Gleusta

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