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SMART THINKING – All the latest news from John Ross Smart Homes

SMART THINKING – All the latest news from John Ross Smart Homes
19th December 2019 John Ross Smart Homes

A warm (and cosy) welcome to our latest newsletter!

Winter is well and truly here, which means that for many homes it’s time for the annual Battle of the Thermostat! This seasonal event takes place in homes all around the country as family members move the thermostat up and down faster than a fiddler’s elbow… traditionally it would be Mum or Dad (aka The Billpayers) versus the kids, but with better awareness of environmental issues it’s just as likely nowadays to be your mini-Greta who will now reach for a jumper rather than the temperature control.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. With our Smart Heating systems you can warm your home efficiently whilst knowing exactly how much you’re spending… leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

There are various DIY products on the market that give you a certain level of Smart functionality, such as Hive and Nest. They’re good products and have intelligent features, like using an app to detect if you’re at home – and automatically set the heating to your preference. The drawback though is that they are closed systems, and as our homes become more and more automated, having a plethora of different digital helpers each doing a single task just isn’t… smart.

Siri & Alexa Cartoon

With a John Ross Smart Home system, all the elements of the system are completely integrated and are on good speaking terms, which means they work together to make your life better. So before you’ve even reached your front door, not only is the heating turned up but the lights are on too, coffee is brewing and the sound of your new favourite music track is soothing your busy brain. Oh, and the front door unlocks itself too. It’s a bit like having your own 1950s housewife from an old American movie, but without all the sexism.

It might sound like something from the future – but it’s not, it’s available right now at John Ross Smart Homes. If you’d like to find out more click here and we’ll call you back.


With these dark days and even darker nights, sunlight can feel like a distant memory – especially here in Scotland. However you can fake that Ibiza sunset vibe with warm LED lighting to bring the feel of summer into your home all year round. There are all kinds of LED bulbs in a wide range of colour temperatures… plus they use up to 97% less electricity so cost less to run (and will keep mini-Greta happy). Give us a call if fancy a lighting design done just for you and your house.


Project Juke-Box Turntable. An all-in-one turntable with built-in amplifier and Bluetooth – so all you need is a pair of speakers connected and you have a high quality sound system at your fingertips.

IN FOCUS… 20th Century Internet

Remember 1996? Blur, Oasis, politicians disagreeing (some things don’t change), episodes of Friends constantly on the TV (other things don’t change either)… and the early days of home internet. Those halcyon days when we clicked a link to view a picture, then went and got a drink/mowed the lawn/read a book, only to return and find that the picture still hadn’t finished downloading.

That’s a distant memory for most, but for a lot of homes in rural Perthshire and the Highlands internet speeds haven’t really increased much since – less than 1Mbps is not unusual.

Now for those of you who don’t know what the numbers mean – an average good internet speed is measured in Mbps and somewhere around 10 would be a minimum, with 35 being good, 75 being great and 200 being stupendous!

Imagine living with an internet speed of only 2Mbps? Netflix is a no-no, Skype is scuppered and even sending large emails is an overnight task.

We recently had a customer who was getting 500kbps which is ½ of 1Mbps – that’s so slow that a webpage may take a minute or longer to load, emails take minutes to download and a film from Sky Store would probably take a few days!

Imagine how happy he was when we finished our installation and he ran a speed test on his shiny Macbook -with the speed just touching the 50Mbps mark. He was so happy I thought he was going to burst – talk about a pig in the proverbial – that was him!

So how did we do it? Well, that’s a story for the next newsletter so you will just have to wait and see – or of course, you can pop into the shop and we’ll give you the inside track.


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Yamaha MusicCast Wifi Loudspeaker

Perfect for those Christmas Playlists to keep you in the mood during your Turkey dinner.

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