Smart Door Locks

John Ross Smart Living is a specialist in Smart Home Automation – design, supply and installation.

Never wonder if you've locked the door again.

Imagine if you could allow access and also secure your home from any room throughout your property – or indeed from anywhere in the world. With Smart Door Locks, you’ll never have to worry about not being home for a delivery being securely made or missing anyone important visiting again. You don’t have to worry about keys, or family members forgetting a key when they come to visit. When you’re in the garden and expecting guests, you can allow them in and secure the house after they have entered when you’re tending the BBQ or sunbathing. And your doors can be programmed to unlock and lock at certain times of the day to let the dog walker or cleaner in and out securely.

And one of the best feelings…? One push of a button and you can have peace of mind at night that every external door in the house is securely locked!

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