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Find a solution for the whole family with our Media Rooms.

Not everyone has the home lifestyle or budget to create a Home Cinema room. In many homes, parents want a comfortable rooms to relax and enjoy favourite movies and TV series at night, but the next day the room needs to be a practical space for the kids to play in and watch CBBC and movies.

A Smart Media Room allows you to sit back and enjoy high-definition video and high-resolution audio without adding clunky gear and wiring. With a Smart Media Room, you can take your home media experience to infinity, and beyond. You can also share Sky, Blu-ray, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, streaming video and satellite channels throughout the home—no need for set-top boxes and multiple video sources. Consolidate all of your audio and video equipment into one central place, creating a clutter-free installation, while delivering superior sound, stunning high-definition video and an incredible video experience:


Browse video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Fire from any TV

a room for everyone

Watch sports in the den, the news in the kitchen and kids movies in the family room

user friendly

Each room has access to every video source and an intuitive, on-screen interface makes it easy to select the right one

share with the family

Instantly share new content or add video sources throughout the home.

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