All Things TV’s

John Ross Smart Living is a specialist in Smart Home Automation – design, supply and installation.

TV's to Enhance Interior Design

Your home interior is looking perfect – well, almost!

Many of us just don’t like seeing a TV screen – however expensive and modern it looks – hanging on a living room or bedroom wall and, well, just looking ugly against your art work, new furniture and window dressings. We can offer an extensive range of bespoke TVs to give each room in your home the wow! factor it deserves.

Large Screen Smart TV's

There is so much choice online with Smart TVs it can make life difficult to choose a product that’s not immediately outdated and unfortunately doesn’t provide you with the functionality you thought it would.

An important challenge for any homeowner to consider also is that irrelevant the size of the Smart TV on the wall, the audio may not be as enjoyable as expected. In addition, you may also want your TVs to be SKY Q connected or may be installed in a room that requires specific positioning.

We have extensive experience in TV installation – helping you choose the most appropriate TV for your budget, fitting the TV to ensure that there are no unsightly cables and wires, making sure that you have the best audio to work with the TV and configure the TV to operate “smartly” for your total enjoyment.

Mirror and Artwork TV's

We can offer an extensive range of TVs that are a framed mirror one minute, sitting perfectly on the wall – and with a push on the remote control the mirror transforms into a normal functioning family TV. Or perhaps you’d prefer the TV sitting behind a framed piece of artwork of your choice – enhancing your room when the family visit, but completely practical for the family nights in.

Outside TV's

It’s safe to say that during the challenges of 2020/21 many homeowners have fallen in love again and appreciated having outdoor space that they can call their own and most are ensuring that their garden can accommodate social requirements for as much of the year as possible. So whether its “glamming up” a garden cabin or just improving the outdoor space that you have, we can extend your Smart Home to ensure you have the enjoyment of outdoor TV without sunlight glare!

Home Cinema

Media Rooms

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