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A network connection that can handle it all.

Deal-clinching in Japan, catch-ups with the kids in London, check-ins with the rest of the team, then sitting back to enjoy the latest releases on the big screen once you’re done. All in a day’s work. All from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to fly anywhere to be a high-flyer!

But you do need an internet connection that won’t let you down. One that delivers great speed regardless of who is using it, what they are doing and wherever they are in the house or garden. Your Smart Connectivity system will deliver on all of these requirements. So even if the kids are streaming Netflix upstairs, your partner is watching Amazon Prime in the lounge and you are listening to some quality music over a nice glass of wine or beer – the connection remains intact, with speed to spare. And now it’s not just for big-city customers – we can get great connection speeds even in the most rural of locations. If you can get a 4G phone signal in your home, we can install a 4G home broadband system. You’ll get download speeds up to 50MBPS, low latency and unlimited data. In this day and age we work harder at keeping connections tighter. That’s why we need an internet connection that works faster.

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