Multiroom Audio

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Listen to music your way with Multiroom Audio.

Today’s speaker systems are effective but not intrusive to your interior design – in fact there are also audio systems that can actually enhance your room, blending into walls or using speakers hidden into light fittings!

Different playlists for different rooms. Discreet – or even better, hidden – speakers in every room. One volume for the kids playing their tunes in their space, another volume for you playing yours in yours. A single button for your classics, another for theirs. Or your favourite track on repeat, in rich quality stereo, everywhere.

Songs to welcome you home, to wake you up, to send you to sleep. All without the time and effort of thinking… and scrolling! Connect to millions of artists, through popular streaming services such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn without the need for extra gear or storage space for your old CD collections.

We will change the way that you listen to music – forever!

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