1 more fantastic gate – better teamwork makes amazing dreamwork!

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How many times do you drive past a nice gate and wonder who did the work? Maybe not at all, but try taking a closer look as you drive around. Some of the gates out there are really well made and installed and always enhance the property – and make it much more pleasant to come home to!

We work very closely with our great friends over at iFab in Perth. They are the metal fabricators who can transform your business or home. “Where traditional values meet modern excellence” is iFab’s tagline and we can testify to the truth of that.

At John Ross Smart Living values are a huge part of how we work and at iFab they share similar values, especially the ones around teamwork and caring about the opinions of our clients and employees. iFab have been brilliant partners, helping us install smart security like automated gates. And as I mentioned earlier, not only do they look impressive as you pull up the drive, but they keep your family safe into the bargain. What’s not too like!

We can also add to the convenience of an electric gate with a Gate Entry system. This is where we install a sleek intercom unit which, when someone arrives at the gate and presses the call button, can ring your mobile device or a wall-mounted screen in the house as well as doing other automatic actions like turning on or flashing lights and ringing your doorbell – you get the idea! You can then see them and talk to them, and then open the gate if you want to see them – or maybe not if it’s a cold caller!

The good thing is you won’t miss another delivery from Amazon – or the millions of other places that satisfy our need for getting stuff delivered as soon as possible!

Do you have great gate at your house? If not then why not? Give us a call and we will help you make coming home an even better experience!

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