John Ross Smart Living is a specialist in Smart Home Automation – design, supply, installation and maintenance.

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It’s the smell of your favourite blend, the moment you open your eyes. The air, the perfect temperature. The sun woke several hours ago, but didn’t wake you, because the blinds are only now beginning to open, ever so slowly, bringing you into your day gently. 

As you plan the hours ahead, behind a screen of hot steam, your favourite track (at your kind of volume) plays in your en-suite, then in your bedroom, then in the kitchen.

You pour your coffee. You sit down. The world waits patiently for you, at the touch of a button.

There's no place like a smart home

Smart Living is using technology to make things easier, taking away some of your day-to-day stress and make your life better.

With a Smart Living system, the technology works in the background to help you do things more easily, like play music in any room whenever you want, heat the house to the best temperature at the times of the day when you need it, turn off lights that you’ve left on by mistake or notify you when someone is at the door even when you can’t hear the doorbell and so on.

Many of the benefits are the simplest of things, like making sure that the lights are dim when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and that the fan doesn’t turn on and keep you awake for the next 20 minutes.

What is smart living?

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About us

John Ross Smart Living is one of Scotland’s leading installers of smart home technology, working across the country to bring Smart Living into peoples’ homes. We also offer maintenance contracts, ensuring that your Smart Home will be as smart in five years’ time as it is on Day One.

John has a wealth of experience, having been immersed in the world of technology and AV for all of his lengthy career – having started in the world of Hifi, he has built a company that has moved with the times, and now has many smart home installations successfully delivered and John continues to remain very hands-on!

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